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Eyeshadows for different eye colors

Eyeshadows For Any Eye Color & Eyes Makeup IdeasAre you looking eyeshadows for different eye colors .?As I have such a beautiful  shades on my possess now and I was thinking to share a simple blog to see which share go with which shade of eyes, even though I am going to try all of these shades on my light brown yellow eyes.

When picking an eye shadow based on your eye color you need to understand and remember only one thing, you need to pick the shade which is exact the opposite shade cause opposites attract The opposite of green is red that shows that red base will make green eyes pop dramatically and if you have dark brown maroon looking eyes then green goes with yours eyes perfectly, or a combination of gold, coral and yellow eye shadows and orange would wash out your look badly so shell we start with the shades.

Eyeshadow For Eye Colors

Eyeshadows For Eye ColorsEyeshadows For Eye Colors

For Electric Blue Brown Eyes:- I love to keep experimenting with my brown eyes, I not only use different shade of eye shadow, but I use different shades of liner and mascara too and it look absolutely cute, but according to the rules, electric blue eye shadow is one perfect shade for brown eyes, and you need to match it with an equally powerful color to create a cohesive look and this vibrant shade will make your brown eyes look even more piercing and if you ask me then start with a highly pigmented navy shade applied across the lid then blended it to a lighter shade and then take pale cobalt blue shade and apply over the brow bone and finish the look with black lashes and eyeliner.

Electric Blue Brown Eyes

For Magenta Hazel Eyes:- Oh it looks absolutely perfect with light shade of brown or hazel eyes, Hazel eyes are really a mix of different colors and when you need to pick one shade for a mixture of shades then you should pick something rich and bright and Magenta is a perfect shade for it, pink hue make you look awesome, and it is so pigmented, a simple smudge line on the upper or lower eyelid will do the job of eyeliner while still delivering that packed punch of color you so desire.

Magenta Hazel Eyes

For Purple Blue Eyes:- I like baby pink or sweet pick with blue too, I don’t know why, even though they are not good with each other, still I like it, but according to the rules, purples is your shade, if you have blue eyes then you should avoid using a blue eye shadow cause it will kill the impression, and will dull down your peepers rather than make them stand out, in this case Purple eye shadow is a great choice cause it is a undertones which will make your blues look super blue and bright, try a palette with lavender or lilac for day light and dark plum shadow with a shimmer and finish by lining your bottom lids with a soft purple shadow for night outs.

Purple Blue Eyeshadow

There are few shades which can go with any look, you can try black smoky or plain look no matter what shade of eyes do you have, you can try smoky copper with all light shade of eyes and wit will work great with some silver shimmer and black liner and mascara.

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