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Eye Shadow According To The Eye Colors

When you are looking for the new shade for your eyes then you need to see what is the main and the most important function of eye makeup, we sue different kind of shade and techniques to get a beautiful and the fascinating look and if you don’t know the rule of picking the eye shadow then here are some helping shade that you can use to enhance the look.

Normally we all stick with two ways of applying the shadows and one is we pick the shade from our dress and then we blend it with any shiny color like sliver or golden with black/gray or brown base, the second way is we use natural look like we use silver with brown or pink with light brown or gray liner or mascara, and otherwise we pick to break the rules and use shade that we want and we believe will look good on us and for that way we need to be really  very smart and very informed regarding the shade and the colors and for that you need to know that which color will look on your eyes so for that we have some information for the very basic eye colors.

Blue Eyes, if you were born with Blue eyes or any shade of blue eyes then you need to know that there are many shades that will look extremely good on your eyes since it is a very cool tone and will look brilliant with warmer shades tend and you can get all the attention with the similar color and the shade of the same color, you can use gray-brown, slate, or even silvery blues and if you have deep navy, then you can even use eggplant shade or you can go for light shades like blue, light gray, but you need to be really very careful with this shade as this is very cool shade and if you put lots of make up on this eye then it will look over loaded and unpleasant, if you don’t want to break rules and you want to look safe then Gold, bronze, copper, champagne, yellow-beige, peach are your shades.

Eye Shadow According To The Eye Colors

Brown Eyes, Women with brown eyes can go as crazy as she wants cause they are beautiful  and they are smart and they look naught with sharp and bright colors and they look sweet and classy with dark makeup and they look absolutely mysterious in black Asian or Egyptian make up, but if you want to know the safe way then you can try all shades of Brown and warm bronze and peach are really cool for you and look so cute too, and purple or teal shadows are absolutely contemporary for your eye shade so you can try Bronze, peach, purple, navy, teal, green and keep mixing them with natural or dark shades.

How to Choose Eye Shadow Colors

Green Eyes are mysterious and deep, hot and sensuous and you can use all the sea shads with that eye-shade and you can try all sky shades with that too and it looks so cute and natural and if you want to try something trendy and something rule breaking then you can try deep plum around the eyes and brighter purple just above the iris or you can try maroon with a touch of gold and reddish undertone and if you think that your eyes are bit nude and they need some bright shade then you can try something lighter and deep shades all together.

Keep experimenting with your eyes and see what work for you because I don’t know you and I don’t know what kind of face and shape you have, you need to see what work for you, best of luck.

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