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Eye Makeup Tutorial For Christmas & New Year Makeup Tips

Eye Makeup Tutorial for Christmas & HolidaysChristmas & holidays aren’t so far, all the females are busy in finding chic and up-to-date outfits and hot makeup trends. So, here is an eye makeup tutorial to create stunning look for Christmas party and holiday cocktails.

Eye Makeup Tutorial For Christmas

Eye Makeup Tutorial For Christmas & New Year Makeup Tips

Below You Can Learn More About Eye Makeup Instructions:

1. Before starting with the eye makeup, make sure to remove all residues of any leftover mascara or eyeliner. For this, dip a cotton swab into makeup remover or your regular lotion and gently rub it over your eyelid and the surrounding area. Fresh milk is also a good cleanser, it also provides your skin a rich nourishment. After that, use a gentle cleanser to clean you whole face.

2. If you’re having trouble of extra dry skin (around the eyes), then apply a bit of moisturizer underneath your eyes. Avoid applying the moisturizing lotion on your eyelids because it will make them oily. In the result, you eye makeup will run off.

3. Hide the dark under-eye circles or other imperfection using a concealer. Blend the concealer well in order to even out the skin tone around eyes.

4. Now it’s a time to apply the eyeshadow. Pick out three different hues of your selected color (light, medium and dark), use the medium shade on your eyelid, the lighter shade on your brow bone and the dark color on your crease.

5. Blend the colors very well using a fluffy, tapered blending brush. Remember that blending is a key to get perfect look.

6. The next step involves the application of eyeliner. You can use a liner pencil or liquid eyeliner as per convenience. You will be wondered that wet eyeshadow can also be used as a substitute of colored eyeliner. For this, use an angled brush to make the line. If you are a beginner, draw a dotted line (with pencil liner) and then run liquid eyeliner over it.

7. Use an eyelash curler to curl your lashes. Always curl your eyelashes before you apply mascara.

8. In the last step apply a coat of volumizing mascara, starting at the base upper lashes and gradually sweeping upward. Apply mascara to lower lashes as well if you want to create a dramatic effect.

New Year Makeup Look

Eye Makeup Tutorial For Christmas

New Year Eye Makeup Tips

 Eye Makeup Tutorial for Christmas & Holidays-

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