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Eye Makeup Colors For Brown Eyes & Make Brown Eyes Pop Makeup

Eye Makeup Colors For Brown EyesEye Makeup Colors For Brown Eyes & Make Brown Eyes Pop Makeup, If you want to pick the right kind of shade for your beautiful brown eyes then let me tell you one thing, brown is a neutral color, almost any color will make them pop, but there are some shade which look THE BEST on you, and help you compliment your hair and skin color as well, normally girls with brown eyes pick teals and purples to get bright looks with their brown eyes but there are many many more shade which look bright on you.

Makeup Colors For Brown Eyes

Makeup Colors For Brown Eyes & Make Brown Eyes Pop Makeup

Best Shade For Your Brown Eyes:

Purple Eye Shadow:

Purple is the most universally flattering eye shadow color to wear with all natural shades, normally you can pick different shade to try on your colored eyes too, it not only make your brown eyes look prominent, it help you compliment your hair, and skin tone too, it is great for your brown eye cause it is an opposite shade, the contrasting color on the color wheel, so it make your eyes look pop, and if you have light shade of brown then pick purples with bluish tinted to compliment your kind of brown.

Purple Eyeshadow Makeup

Blue Eye Shadow:

Blue eye shadow can be tricky to pull off, but I can tell you that you can try and proactive will give you the perfect result and then you will see how magical it look with your brown eyes, but if you wear a royal blue along the lash line, it looks amazing on blue eyes too, but the coolness of the blue shade with the warm brown tone look perfect for day time looks, and it prominent the white  of your eyes too which make the brown even more prettier and mysterious , while also making the whites of your eyes appear brighter.

Blue Eyeshadow Makeup

Yellow/Orange Eye Shadow:

Normally yellow look odd on light brown eyes, but If you have hazel eyes instead of dark brown then using shades of yellow or gold eye shadow can bring out the yellow tint in your eyes and will give you a bright fascinating look, even if you don’t like gold, still it look beautiful on your eyes and try dark purple or navy blue with that and it will help you get the best look of your eyes, if you don’t like to carry golden on your entire eye lid then give it a try and apply just on the inner corner and see how does it make your eyes look.

Yellow Orange Eyeshadow Makeup

Silver Eye Shadow:

Silver is another a cool toned color which look beautiful with your brown shade cause it create a beautiful contrast against the warmth of brown eyes, normally I suggest any sort of silver with your brown eyes, but platinum, metallic silver, or even gunmetal look amazing on your eyes, but if you have darkest brown eyes then try some silver under the lower lash line, but if you have dark circles under your eyes, then don’t apply any shade under your lower lash line as this can enhance them slightly which would ruin your look completely.

Silver Eyeshadow Makeup

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