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Eye Make Up Tips For Blue Eyes

Eye Make Up Tips For Blue EyesEye Make Up Tips For Blue Eyes – It does not matter if the color is sparkling like the ocean or in a dark sky stormy blue eyes still have the opportunity to see dazzling. The key is to use eye makeup tips to help your eyes, not to drown in cosmetics. If see a color wheel, the real contrast for blue eyes is orange. You can incorporate into your makeup with the introduction of makeup shades of copper, orange-tinted bronze and similar colors.

However, shades of orange do not look great at all, they can sometimes be higher for the office, and is not always so easy to integrate the makeup simple. Burgundy is close, but often neglected, eye color blue, with shades of brown and orange are often referred to as the shadows right for girls with blue eyes. It is deeper so you can use it as a liner or mascara, and it’s easier to remove the conservative parameters.


  • It’s a subtle trick, but can be a challenge for some skin tones to come off. For some, this will provide the framework for the eye really makes the blue stand out. For others, it will give you that tired after crying effect. One way to avoid looking like you tear is to choose a blackened red instead of shiny. The darker the better pearl, and a burgundy or effect glow to a basic black lining can brighten blue eyes, rather than make you look tired or upset.


  • Wearing burgundy or brown mascara alone is a great and very thin blue eye to play without being on top. If you do not want to bother with eye shadows in the morning, but you want your eyes stand out is a way to get the look you are going for. With only two blows,

you can frame your eyes with a series of lush lashes in a color that contrasts just enough to make the color of your eyes stand out but not enough to be obvious. Find more about Eye Makeup Tips For Blue Eyes

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