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Experiencing Back Pain When Breathing

Experiencing Back Pain When Breathing
Experiencing Back Pain When Breathing

A variety of reasons exist for why people’s backs may hurt. Strained muscles, fatigue, being overweight, and having an injury can cause this symptom. However, when people experience back pain when breathing, doctors are often quick to diagnose the underlying causes and prescribe prompt treatment.

Because the discomfort occurs during a person’s respiration, physicians often suspect a respiratory condition first. In fact, several conditions can cause a person’s back to hurt. Pneumonia stands out as a leading culprit for this type of hurt. When a patient has pneumonia, he or she often experiences hurting while taking breaths.

This agony is caused by the pneumonia being in one or both lungs. When the lungs have patches of this infection in them, there is less space for people to draw in air. The airways are clogged and people must labor to get enough air. This laboring causes pain during the process.

To cure pneumonia, physicians often prescribe antibiotics and pulmonary medications. The antibiotics kill the infection and stop it from growing. The pulmonary drugs help clear out the alveoli and other airways in this part of the body. They also help the patient cough up the excess phlegm that goes along with this illness. These medications are often used with a nebulizer. This machine includes a mask and tubes to help vaporize the drugs and make them easier to inhale.

Additionally, when an individual suffers a broken rib, breathing can become more difficult. The broken bone is surrounded by nerves that respond to the stimuli of that area. Any movement triggers the nerves to pick up the sensation, thus causing great discomfort to that individual. Some people experience such agony that their respiratory functions become compromised.

Doctors have little recourse when it comes to treating broken ribs. They may advise the patient to wear a corset brace, which helps in immobilizing the rib. They also might prescribe opiates or codeine analgesics. These strong medications help patients sleep in spite of the discomfort. Such injuries take about six to eight weeks to fully heal. The person also is advised to rest as much as possible.

Many reasons exist for why a person may experience back pain when breathing. Patients might suffer from pneumonia, which is a common respiratory infection. They might also have a broken rib that is causing painful sensations in that region. Doctors are generally prompt in their treatments for such symptoms. They know that patients cannot have compromised respiratory functions.

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