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Exercise To Lose Weight

When you are healthy and your moods are full of energy then it’s very easy to do some exercise but if you have some pain you feels very difficult to do exercise. You skip the exercise and think its better to go in bed. But the exercise may reduce your pain and improve your health.

But it’s not easy to to do something with pain. It does not mean that you do some vigorous exercise. A member of pain foundation of exercise said “the exercise reduce the pain by diverting your attention from pain”. Its true every pain must be reduced if we not consider it..  But before to do some exercise consults your therapist and ask about the nature of pain and the reasons of pain should be sorted out before doing any exercise.

How ever following exercises are helpful to reduce the pain to great extent.


It is the mild exercise which can be done with low physical capability. It is the exercise which does not any particular environment or typical weather. You can walk any where, not necessarily in a jogging track; you can walk in your yard. On road side even in your room if has low budget flat, It is the exercise which can be performed in any weather or climatic conditions. There only few conditions when the walking is not feasible.


It is the use of mental energies to overcome the physical problems by meditation or concentrating at a certain points. So that all health problems could be diagnosed by you and you solve them by using natural phenomena’s as breathing or lifting or stretching some parts of body in relaxing manner. As the breathing component of yoga is help full in relieving chronic pain as stretching of some parts. But according to some it should be done if there is considerable range of motion within your capabilities and there is no risk of injury. Don’t push your body until it is in very good condition.


It is again an activity by which you can relax many muscles of your body by simple stretch. It is more beneficial if you have job to sit for hours .In it you move our body parts in full range against gravity. You can do it in your bed room or while standing in waiting line or sitting in office chair, there are thousands of stretching programs available which are according to natural muscular movements.

We can follow this exercise according to our body conditions and after consulting our physiotherapist by knowing the reasons of our pain.

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