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Exercise to Burn Calories Fast

exercise to burn caloriesExercise to Burn Calories Fast, It is usually thought that we can burn our calories fastly by exercise. But in reality it is not the situation, usually we take calories more fastly then to burn these calories. Because usually the people think that they burned more so they eat more. It is seen that after 200 miles walk or running, when they come home they eat a snack as fried almonds or the ounce piece of chocolate. It will again accumulate what they lost.

Exercise to Burn Calories Fast

Exercise to Burn Calories Fast

So for the strict vision to your calories in take and burnt following tips to be considered:

  1. Make a chart of calories balance, intake and consumed in a day by different exercises like your budget plans. In this way you can give the more precise look for the next day if the balance is out.
  2. Not to spare any opportunity to give you chance of losing calories, as if you want to meet your friend go to him but not eat or drink with him instead of calling with your cell phone.
  3. Change your lifestyle as the fatty breakfast is altered with the parsley or porridge or any less caloric diet.

Exercise Calorie Burn Calculator

Researches show that the following exercises will burn Calories in 10 minutes for 150 pound person by different exercises:

  • Bicycling, leisurely 10mph: 45 calories.
  • Bicycling, 10-12 mph (light): 68 calories.
  • Bicycling, mountain (strenuous): 97 calories.
  • Canoeing/rowing for pleasure: 40 calories.
  • Football or baseball, playing catch: 28 calories.
  • Gardening: 57 calories.
  • Golf, pulling clubs: 57 calories.
  • Golf, power cart: 40 calories.
  • Health Club stair machine/treadmill: 102 calories.
  • Household chores, light: 28 calories.
  • Household chores, moderate: 45 calories.
  • Jog/walk combination: 68 calories.
  • Jogging, general: 80 calories.
  • Running, 5 mph, 12-minute mile: 91 calories.
  • Soccer, casual: 80 calories.
  • Stretching or yoga: 28 calories.
  • Swimming leisurely (not laps): 68 calories.
  • Swimming laps, freestyle: 80 calories.
  • Tennis doubles: 68 calories.
  • Walking, 3 mph, moderate pace: 37 calories.
  • Walking, very brisk pace: 57 calories.
  • Water aerobics: 45 calories.
  • Weight lifting, moderate: 34 calories.

Exercises to Burn Calories Fast at Home

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