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EXCESSIVE HAIR LOSSExcessive hair loss, Hair is beautiful part of our personality Of course like other parts of body to look attractive these too demands consider able attention. Our hairs not only enhance our beauty but also reflect our health. There are many myths regarding the strength of hair growth.

The beauty of our whole personality lies in our hair growth to some extent. What happens if these are falling quickly? Oh’, it creates great mental tension which can’t be overlooked. The average cycles of hairs are 2 to 3 years. The growth rate of each hair is approximately 1 centimeter per month. All the hair not grow together. The distribution of nature is such that 90 percent grow at any one time and the remaining 10 percent at any other time when first 90 percent are growing the others are in resting phase. After every 3 or 4 months the resting hair fall out and new hair start growing.

It is normal that some hair fall out or shed each day but if above this normal range then it’s a warning. Excessive loss of hair is common in man more but women, children can not to be excluded from this.


There are many causes of hair loss, beside the fact there are some scalp conditions are such to have hair loss.

  1. Some systemic diseases cause hair loss, for example if thyroid glands are over active or under active. This hair loss can be treated with treatment of thyroid disease.
  2. Sometimes after major surgeries cause hair loss, two three months after surgery.
  3. Hormonal disturbance also cause quick hair loss in women. Young girls with irregular menstrual cycles develop this.
  4. A woman with menopause also faces this problem of hair loss due to estrogen misbalancing.
  5. After pregnancy mostly women develop this problem but it will recover as the baby stops feeding.
  6. Some medicines also cause hair loss for example after using cancer medicines or chemotherapy, but its temporary gets hair after medicines stopped. Other medicines are blood thinner. for gout . Blood pressures, birth control pills, anti depressant, excess use of vitamin an also cause this.
  7. Sometimes fungal infection causes the hair loss. Sometimes use of improper shampoo, dyer, hair spray may causes the hair loss.

Finally hair loss is the sign of some underlying disease, so it should be properly discovered and then hair loss should be managed.


1. Hair loss treatment is directed by the cause of it and if cause is found by dermatologist or doctor should be consulted. Wigs hair grafting, hair transplant are methods to recover hair loss..

2.Healthy growth do massage of scalp with Luke warm oil, steaming hairs after regular intervals for healthy growth of hair and strengthen them.

3. Use of excessive juices and raw vegetables helpful greatly for hair loss.

4. Stop carbonated drinks and high carb foods in your diet to make healthy growth.

5. Apple cider juice when applied for fifteen minutes gives good results.

So health care is incomplete without hair care.


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