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Essential Oils Beautiful Looks & Essential Oils Skin Care

Essential Oils Beautiful Looks & Essential Oils Skin CareDo you know that Sage improves the circulation to the brain, scalp and face and it can make you look beautiful without any coverage, do you know that rose-hip oil is tremendously affective for skin, nails, and for body too, do you know that rosemary oil can actually stop hair fall and can increase hair growth too, well there are a long long long list of things you can do with essential oils and they all are very good and affective and safe too, so today we are going to give you simple list of  essential oil you should have at home according to your requirements and your skin type and demands.

Essential Oils Beautiful Looks

Hera are my all Time Favorite Essential Oils For Hair and Skin:


Carrot Seed








Tea Tree

Lavender is one of the most famous oils and it has many positive and healing affects and it is one of the most balancing, calming and anti-depressant agent with a magical aroma which make it one of the basic oil for aroma therapy, but it is very good for your skin and for your body too, it is very good for combination skin, allergic skin, oily skin, mature skin and it works as a rejuvenator too, you can use it to improves hairs dryness, helps control dandruff, prevents loss of hair, and sooths a sensitive scalp too.

Best Essential Oils For Beauty

Lemon and other citric oils are not only very good to lighten your skin tone, but they are very good for your oily skin too, it not only regulates your oily skin, but it is very good to help you get rid of marks and scars naturally.

Bergamot is used in many skin care creams and lotions for cooling, refreshing nature and it is famous to calm inflamed skin and it help sunburns and other inflamed skin issues, It also has antiseptic properties which help ward off infection and aid recovery.

Essential Oils Skin Care

Frankincense is used in perfumery and aromatherapy and it is very good to purify the air in the home, but it is very good to nourish and moisturizer scalp and skin too.

Rosemary is used as a decorative plant in gardens and has many culinary and medical uses too but the best one is it improve the memory and help air growth and help you get silky and smooth beautiful  skin too and it is very good to help you get healthier immune system too.

Essential Oils

Tea tree is a species of tree or tall shrub in the plant genus Melaleuca native to Australia, it occurs in Southeast Queensland and the north coast and adjacent ranges of New South Wales and it grows along streams and on swampy flats, and is often the dominant species where it occurs, and if you want me to talk about the benefits of tea treat oil then I would write a new blog for this, it is one of my all time favorite oils and I actually use it for everything, I buy the biggest packing they have of tea tree oil, and it finishes in months, I use it in my moisturizer to have beautiful  bright skin and it look magical smoother and I treat all skin issues with that too including pimples, acne, and white and blackheads and with that I use it to treat dandruff and all hair issues too.

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