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Essential Nutrients In Hot Weather

Essential Nutrients In Hot WeatherAs there is the start of hot weather many of us feel the loss of appetite with the change of season the eating habits are also changed. Desires and eating habits all affect the health and appearance of the body. There are certain foods and vegetables which are most suitable and full of nourishment for the hot weather. These are as fellows:


Raw vegetables remain best throughout the season. With the change of weather some vegetables appear abundantly. This factor shows that nature planed in such a way that what is the requirement of the season for the body is produced more in that particular season with the onset of summer lemon, cucumbers, tomatoes and many such vegetables are seen in the market.

These vegetables are most suitable for the climatic demands. Lemon is the best healer of sun strokes and anti bacterial, astringent and antioxidant. It may be used in salads in drinks and in dressing of different desserts. In raw as well as in juicy form it have its own worth.

Cucumber is also another gift of nature which is used in salads. It is full of water and also protects the body from sunstroke. It will give the soothing effects to the body when used on daily basis.

Tomatoes are the wonderful vegetable /fruit and it is also used in raw as well as cooked forms. It is also used as sauces and ketchup. In whatever form it is used it has zero calorie diet and full of vitamin B, used for diet plan strategies but according to the instructions of dieticians and physicians.


In summer season usually all types of fruits are available and all have their own nutritional importance. Mangoes, peaches, avocado, cherries all have their own worth as fulfilling the requirements of proteins, vitamins and starch. In hot weather excess use of fruits and vegetables make up the deficiency of appetite loss. These keep the body active and fiber contents in fruits make the abdomen full. These also help in flushing the toxins from the body.


Drink as much as you can to keep your body hydrated and to fight with the intense heat of summer. Water lost in summer is in form of sweat and should be recovered as soon as possible to reduce the chances of heat strokes especially if you are working outdoor. Make it habit to keep the water bottle always with you whenever and wherever you are going.

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