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Emery Board Selection Tips

Emery Board Selection TipsEmery Board Selection Tips Good manicure depends upon the selection of good tools either in home or in saloon. An emery board is used in nail filing made up of card board and an abrasive substance called emery. The emery is derived from tough rock and it is used for filing as well as shaping of both finger and toe nails.

The advantage of using the emery board is that it is disposable and prevents the spread of fungal infection. It must be choosing according to the quality, length and shape of the nails. The emery board or nail file determines the quality of your work with nails.

Here are some tips for the selection of best emery board:

  • The specialist in manicure recommends the selection of emery board according to the nail shape and size.
  • For filing the natural nails the glass   nail file or the cardboard nail file both works well.
  • For acrylic or artificial nails the coarse nail file or emery board is good.
  • In case of thin and easily split nails the emery board of rubber is best selection to protect the nails from extra damage.
  • In hard and thick nails use the emery board with diamond, sapphire or ruby nail file.
  • Ceramic nail file is also good selection for delicate nail shaping and for cuticle treatment
  • Large emery board is used to change the length of the nails.
  • Small emery board is used to shape up the nails.
  • Special sanding emery board is used to recover the unevenness and dark spots from the nails.

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