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Eid Golden Blue Eyes Makeup Tutorial

As we know that blue and the green is very much in these days and we are trying our best to get the latest and the fresh make up ideas for you and today we are using golden and blue eye look for you girls who are trying to get the latest shades and trends.

We are going to use Golden Blue for today eye look and we will start with moisturizer and primer and then give it sometime and then you can rub eye foundation over your eyes lids and now you need to give your eye foundation some time to get settle and mean while you can collect and pick the shade you want to apply, but we are going to apply golden glitter and blue and as simple as that and we will start with the base and you can use golden with bronze, green, purple, mermaid blue, black or any color that matches your Eid dress, but you need to make sure that this shade look good on your skin tone and enhance the beauty of your eyes.

Eid Golden Blue Eyes Makeup Tutorial

We will start with dark blue eye kohl pencil, you can use either glamorous and shine one or you can use mat one it is up to you, you need to trace your upper lash liner and outer corner of your eye with the pencil and try to use as think line as possible and then use plain blue pencil and apply the lines on the same lines and now you need to take blue eye shadow on a thin brush and apply over whole eye lid and smudge the liner with the brush and softly push the blue on the outer V inside and keep blending it till you see that your shade start looking a bit purplish and darker  and now take the lightest shade and apply in the center of your eye lid and this will make your eyes look brighter and bigger.

Make Up Tutorials For Blue Eyes

Now you need to take golden highlighter and apply over the arch of your eye brow and blend it with your finger and fish the look with mascara and liner.

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