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Eid Collection 2011 by Gull Ahmad

eid-collection-2011-by-gul-ahmad-4Eid Collection 2011 by Gull Ahmad was launched. Gull Ahmad is a household name in Pakistan as a brand, represents a high quality of the newest styles and has been consistently and successfully built its brand value year after year.
Over the years Gull Ahmad is becoming very famous in the field of fashion. Gull Ahmad launches the various designs of floral and cool prints and Gul Ahmad reaches to the peak in the Fashion industry.

Eid is a wonderful thing for the press is a touch floral with cool effect. Create themes and a myriad of dazzling Eid is an art print, and Gull Ahmed knows the art of producing these beautiful models and the sense of the word. That’ why it is the most favorite and most economical business firm in the field of fashion designing. Gull Ahmad launches his world’s popular lawn prints which are favorite or famous in the world.

The designs of these lawn dresses are very good and it looks cool to the eyes of everyone. The designs of Lawn dresses by Gull Ahmed were very famous in the Asia. Eid Collection 2011 by Gull Ahmad is recently come in your nearby outlets. You can just visit their and also you can buy some extra ordinary and very interesting Lawn dresses.

As we talk about the boys and men’s then Gull Ahmad also takes steps to promote the designs and clothes of the men’s. Gull Ahmad launches the Latha suite, Safari suite, and Shalwar kameez with karai on neck and arm. Eid collection by Gull Ahmad will be rocking the fashion industry and people also likes that fashion dresses by Gull Ahmad.

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