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Easy Neutral Eye Makeup

We are going to try a natural look and if you want to look beautiful without too much cosmetic then you need to understand that you need to look after your skin a lot, if you want to look flawless then you need to have smooth and beautiful skin or you would end up with lots of foundation and lots of concealer, so you need to follow the 5 steps of cleansing and moisturizing and now we will start with natural eye makeup.

We will start with moisturizer and primer and if you want to get a flawless look then don’t use too much darker or lighter shade of foundation you can use tone lighter or darker and blend it well and now you just need start back work, take a lash curler and curl your lashes when they are slightly wet and hold them for a bit and then use a transparent mascara and use very smoothly and then use curler once again and now you need to take.

Easy Neutral Eye Makeup

Light peach or pick shad and apply that all over your lid and blend it with your finger and then take a transparent silver or brown shade and apply over your upper crease and blend it well and now you need to take peach eye shade and apply a bit under your lower eye shade and this will enhance the look of your eyes and now you just need to apply tightened lid liner and Kajal and you are done with the look, now the only thing you need to do is apply some mineral bronze and apply over cheeks, chin and over your T zone.

Easy Dramatic Eye Makeup

You need to add the shade on your face where your sun add the color naturally and if you think that you need to add experiments in your looks then you can use different shade of bronze and if you have darker complexion then you can highlight your look with golden highlighter too and use pink shade on your eyes and you are done to go, finish your look with beautiful  lips shades.

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