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Easy Hair Style In 15 Minutes

Easy Hair Style In 15 MinutesNow days we are living in fast moving time, we have to do different tasks for struggle of survival. Either we are house hold women or working lady our time schedules are such that we get very less time for grooming. We have to make our selves updated with the other social activities as well as to groom you in such a way that among crowd heads turn toward ourselves.

In such calculated times if we have to go for some party or for some job we cant spend hours and hours for giving different styles to our hair only for two or half an hour party . But at the same time we have requirement to get the compliments for our gorgeous style. Now there are certain hair styles which surely save time and also make you elegant:


  • If you have natural curl its good but if you have no such hair then not worry, Just to damp your hair and apply big and loose curls or small and locked curls by applying the rollers in your hair or get the curling hot iron rod. By using this you will create curls after 10 minutes application and it will transform your look. You will be ready for any formal party.
  • When your hair has natural curls then you can give them different styles by either tie them with bands or keep them open.
  • You can also tie them in pony tail if they have medium length and the band is covered by taking some of the hair strands upward and pin up in such a way that it will cover the band or pony.
  • When you are ready and have just 10 minutes left to style your hair then pick them up and apply the hair catcher after making the bun with them. Apply some hair comb at the side way. It will make you elegant.
  • Another quick making style is to take the few strands of the front hair and just to curl them and leave them at one side of the face to flow down. It will create a soft look in your personality.
  • Make the simple braid and add in to it different beads or glitter to give it fancy more sophisticated look.
  • If you have very short hair of neck length then just to pull them up ward and twist them and apply a hair catcher to them. The free ends should be dispersed at the top of the hair catcher. It will give a very different and chic look.

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