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Ear Infection Babies Treatment

How to Tell If It's an Ear InfectionIf your child got some problem it is very difficult to find out the problem as well as the reason of this problem because the only way of expression the child has is weeping and he tells us each of his problem by weeping. Now it’s the parents who can differentiate the weeping behavior of child and recognize his problem.

Usually the weeping style of child may give the clue of the reason of weeping. If the child is weeping due to the ear infection his following symptoms give the clue of ear problem within them “Ear Infection Babies”.

Home Remedy Ear Infection Babies

Ear Infection Babies Treatment


  • Usually the child starts to weep every time when he is laid down on that side. He may also show unwilling ness on laying or laying flat.
  • He has fever of any intensity depending upon the severity of infection.
  • There is some discharge from the ear which at first transparent but with the passage of time get to be greenish or yellowish and thick.
  • Ear infection is caused by previous history of sinus problem, cold, flu and some respiratory infection.
  • With these there may be runny nose and cough.
  • Some time the child has earache witch is related to the teething, diarrhea.
  • With this ear infection the child point out his ear by his hand toward the ear or if you touch the ear the reflexes of child confirm that he has some problem in ear.

Symptom For Ear Infection Baby


There are following techniques to be used if the child got the Ear Infection Babies.

  • Medicines: as the ear infection is the viral infection. This is not contagious and the antibiotics are given to the child so that the accumulation and formation of pus is recovered. With these antibiotics the pain reliever medicines are also be given to the child.
  • WARM COMPRESS: with this medication some warm wash clothes may be applied to relieve the problem.

Ear Infection Babies Treatment


  • The few drops of these oils may be inserted in to the ear with the help of plastic bulb dropper in the ear. But be careful that these oils are not too warm and are properly sterilized.
  • ANESTHATIC EAR DROPS; with the above  treatments the anesthetic drops may be inserted in the ear to make it numb so that the pain get to be relieved for one or two hours.

Warm Vegetable Oil, Olive Oil, Garlic Oil For Ear Infection Babies Treatment

The Following Steps Should be Taken to Prevent The Infection

  • Breast feeding is the main source of making the child stronger against many infections. So breast feed your child as much as you can.
  • Isolate the child from other children who have any such type of infection, especially if the child is bringing up in day care center.
  • Bottle feeding by laying down the child flat may also irritate the Eustachian tube and cause the ear infection.
  • Keep the nose of the child clear so that it may cause the problem.
  • Keep the child away from any smoke and dusty environment.
  • If the child has some allergy problem then it should be solved as early as possible.
  • Echinacea is the herb which is used to improve the immune system and to combat against the infections so it may be applied.
  • The raw fruits and vegetables should be taken as much as possible by the mother.

The Following Steps Should be Taken to Prevent The Infection Ear Infection

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