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Dyed Hair Care

The hairs are dyed permanently or with semi permanent dyes. In both cases there is the damage of hair strand to some extent. The chemical effects of dye damage the hair cuticle. Inner to the cuticle is the cortex.   The hair is porous in nature. So as the cuticle is damaged the chemical effects reach the cortex and the whole hair texture is disturbed. So the dyes are used when there is no way out. The colored hair is much more sensitive as compared to normal hairs. the common problems one has to face after coloring is dryness of hairs, split ends, loss of hair, coarseness and fading ,

So it is recommended to take the discoing of dying the hairs as late as possible. But if is done the following measure should be taken to maintain there original texture and to last the color for longer period.

The first thing which causes the damaging of hair is sun rays or ultra violet rays. This makes the hair lifeless and fades the color to some extent. So while going outside and hair are exposed to the sunshine they must be covered by hat or hijab. The second thing to be needed is to use sunscreen products in shampoo or conditioners.

  1. As the dye take away the moisture content of the hair. So now the need of selection of such hair products which contain extra moisture contents as in conditioners and hair sprays or shampoos. Now days the masks are available in market for retaining the moisture contents of hair. These are applied on hair. The hairs soaked with these masks for 10 to 20 minutes and then washed with plenty of water. It will keep the hairs vivid and coloring moisture at least per week after application.
  2. Drink plenty of water to maintain the moisture because each hair contains 25 % water. So maintain this balance drink at least eight glass of water.
  3. Use the shampoo which is formulated only for dyed hairs. These shampoos maintain the water balance of the hair.
  4. Choose the conditioners which have higher content of moisture especially formulated for dying hairs. Hot oil massaging once in a week is also important for maintaining the texture of hair.
  5. Handle the dyed hair gently is also important to exclude the excessive damaging of hair.
  6. Deep conditioning should be done once in a month.
  7. The comb or hair brush with wide bristles should be used to avoid the damaging of hair.
  8. Trim your hairs after regular intervals of time so that the split ends are recovered soon.
  9. Hot treatments as blow hair dryers, curler iron or hot curling should be avoided as much as possible.
  10. After swimming the chlorine water should be rinsed with plenty of splashes of water. Because chlorine is damaging to the hair texture.
  11. Avoid frequent washing, if necessary then do shampoo only once a week. To remove the dirt uses plenty of water.


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