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Dry Skin Brushing For Healthy Body

As we all know that our skin is the largest organ of absorption and elimination and when we neglect it and when we forget to exfoliate the skin on our body then we see that our skin is getting clogged with toxins and dead cells and start looking dull and unhealthy and if you don’t want that then you need to start brushing or scrubbing your skin dry skin brushing is best thing to do.

Here are some simple tips for dry skin brushing:

First of all you need a brush with soft natural bristles, never ever use a synthetic bristles, you need to buy one that is long enough and strong enough and you can get one in any super store.

When you are applying this scrubbing you need to keep soft and smooth hands and if you are thinking to scrub off your whole body then just before the shower is the best time for that and be very soft and when your skin start getting used to it then you can use a little more pressure.

Dry Skin Brushing For Healthy Body

Your skin and brush should be dry and after that you can take a cold or running water Shower to remove exfoliated skin from your body.

If you have cuts or danged or burn skins then never ever use it over that part.

Start from hands and feet and then come towards the center of your body like belly and back.

Never ever use it over your face; dry brushing is not for your face.

Do not spend too much time and you can use a couple of minutes for that like 5-10 and then just take a shower immediately.

When you are done with that then you should wash your brush with some detergent and then hang it somewhere high to make it dry for next time.

Eight Dry Skin Body Brush

Here are some main and some important benefits that we get from it and the major one is elimination of cellulite, if you start using that on regular basis then you will see a tremendous improvement in your Cellulite levels and if you want to get double impact and rapid result then use a mixture of coffee olive oil after that.

Another benefit one can expect is the removal of dead skin cells which means you will get beautiful and healthy skin and you will feel lighter and fresher and if you are using that regularly four times a week then you will get a smooth firm and supple skin really soon.

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