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Drinking Water to Improve Your Complexion

Drinking Water to Improve Your ComplexionDrinking Water to Improve Your Complexion Our earth‘s ¾ part is covered with water. Such proportion it self gives the clue about the importance of water for life. Nature adjusted the proportion of different elements in the universe according to their requirements and consumptions. It is the great distribution of nature, for our existence and survival. For our health, younger looking and   complexion water plays a key role.

If you see a plant in your garden which is not watered for a day and compare with other which is well watered you will observe a quick difference in both. The plants saturated with water have full bloom appearance while the other with less hydrated seems to be   flaccid. Same is true with our skin.

Though there is no direct connection between the complexion and water intake as for   improvement of complexion certain vitamins as vitamin A, B, C, E are required which we get from our diet and fresh fruits and juices.

Merely water just help the skin in following ways:

  • It flushes out the toxins from the skin and which in turn reduces the chances of appearance of pimples or any other skin eruptions. Clean and clear skin looks fairer.
  • It maintains the natural chemical balance of the skin, as a result of which the skin looks smooth. Pores, fine lines or wrinkle free skin appears to be fairer in complexion.
  • The enzymes present in the skin to regenerate the new cells when the old cells are sloughed off require water for their working. By drinking lot of water enzymatic exfoliation inside the skin is enhanced and in turn gives the radiant and glowing skin.
  • Skin barrier is maintained with the help of enough water, which is necessary for moisturizing the skin. It tones up the skin and the toned skin looks in better complexion.
  • The minimum intake of 72 ounces per day will be helping full in maintaining the skin turgidity and fulfill the above requirements in improving the skin complexion.

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