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DIY Moisturizing Facial Mask & Homemade Dry Skin Mask

DIY Moisturizing Facial MaskDIY Moisturizing Facial Mask, I don’t use moisturizer during Summer, I just eat healthy well balanced diet and drink lots of water and take chilled or running water shower with baby shower gels and it actually help me with my skin issue and with these there are some simple home remedies and some homemade mask which help my complexed skin very well and I shearing these moisturizing and hydrating mask with all of you to get beautiful healthy soft skin during summer too.

DIY Moisturizing Facial Mask

DIY Moisturizing Facial Mask & Homemade Dry Skin Mask

First of all I would start with yogurt, cause that is one thing which work for me every time, no matter what season, you just need to take some yogurt on your palm and rub it over your face and neck for 10-20 minutes and then wash it off with running water and if it gets dry then scrub it off and it will not only make your skin moisturized, but it will help you get hydrating impact with clean skin.

Next thing which you can try is honey wash, just wash your face with warm water, now take one tablespoon warm honey and take a cotton bud and stat applying that on your face as we apply cleaning milk and keep doing that till you use all the honey and then lay down on your back for 10 minutes and then wash your face with chilled water, you can actually use it every day to get beautiful healthy glowing moisturized skin.

Homemade Dry Skin Mask

Papaya is always very good when you get rid of dead cells and have beautiful moisturizer skin at the same time and papaya is very good to get healthy lighter skin tone too since it has the ability to act like an exfoliant and remove dead cell and its natural minerals and vitamins help your skin to get freshness and elasticity too, you can apply plain papaya paste all over your face and wash with lukewarm water or you can mix it with yogurt to get double impact.

Avocado is loaded with healthy and good fats which you can use to get moisturized skin during summer too, ad for that you just need to make a smooth paste of this yummy green and add some honey and some yogurt and mix it well and then apply it all over your face for 20-30 minutes and wash it off with running water and it will not only moisturized your skin, it will make it beautiful  too since it is loaded with omega 3 fatty acids which are very good for your skin and for your body and overall health.

How to Make a Moisturizing Face Mask

Baby oil is very good for your summer skin cause they are supper light and mild that you don’t even need to rub it too much to get it absorbed and it will not only keep your skin healthy and beautiful, but it prevent sun damage too and if you feel that it is a reason of pimple then just apply it on your face and rub till it get absorbed and then take a wet smooth cotton towel and wipe your face with it and it will not only give you a mat look, but will keep your skin from breaking too.

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