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Diwali Eye Makeup Tutorials For Everyone

Woman likes to try different things for eye makeup and for the festive looks we are bringing and beautiful eye makeup for the you girls, I know that you can try smoky with the red or gold Smokey look, you can try plain sweet cute look with silver and pink or you can try smoky red with plain red lip color, but why cannot we try something new? So let’s try.

Pink and gold look so cute in evening parties and if you have fair beautiful complexion with big Indian eyes then that will make your look extremely beautiful and classy, so the only thing that you need to do is apply a primer and then apply plain golden to whole eye and use pink crayon on the edges and sharp ping shade on the center and now you need to rub it well with your finger and blend it well till you see that it is getting slightly shimmery baby pick and now tab some black on the edges and make a sharp V on the outer corner and now use mascara and rational liner for the final touches.

Diwali Eye Makeup Tutorials For Everyone

Smokey Purple and gold is great for you if you have colored eyes or you are planning to use contact lances, just use a sharp silver and golden pencil shade on the eye lid and make a fine line from the one corner to other and then blend it well with the foundation and keep blending till no one can tell which shade did you use and then use a slightly sharp purple color just above the lash line and blend it toward your eyebrow and make a fine edge with the smooth purple and silver liner and then apply light gray or purple mascara and jet black liner and pencil line.

Diwali Eye Makeup Tutorial

Blue and gold will look cute if you are using bright and shiny base with mate and dull blue and for the best look I will suggest that use a two tone blue on your eye lid and a shimmery blue liner on the lower lid with a silver line on the top lash with silver or sharp visible blue mascara and if you like fake lashes then buy that extra long glamorous one with silver dot on the corners.

Diwali Make Up

Be creative and look beautiful, break all the rules and create your own new to get new look.

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