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Diwali Eye Makeup For Everyone

When a Indian woman think to get ready the first thing that comes in her mind is her eyes, we all blessed with the beautiful perfectly shaped almond eyes and we all know that our hair and our eyes are the best thing of our look so we all pay lot so attention to all of these things, and today we are sharing some simple and some easy to apply eye make up for all those who are looking for something smart and intelligent in this festival season and for all of those girls who have beautiful  black and shiny eyes with perfect almond cut and sprinkling lashes.

Diwali Eye Makeup For Everyone

If you have beautiful natural eyes then you just need to enhance the look and for that we are going to share this simple eye make up with you girls,  and I am going to add lots of gold-toned shimmer during this festival season which will make your look so beautiful  and will reflect light and the candle lights too.

Diwali Eye Makeup Tutorial

First of all we will apply some primer and some foundation and then add some simple bronze tones brown shade for the center and then we will take some copper and apply over the lid and blend it well with the finger or with the brush it is up to you now we will take some silicone jet black liner and will apply over the top lash to the end of the corner and some tight liner in the inner side.

Diwali Make Up

Now you need to use some lash curler and apply transparent mascara and then apply lash curler again and then let it get dry and then apply jet black mascara on both lashes and at the end, take transparent silver highlighter and apply over the bone and on the inner corner of your eyes.

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Smile a lot and enjoy the look of beautiful eyes.

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