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Different Types Of Back Braces For Back Pain

Different Types Of Back Braces For Back Pain, Different Types Of Back Braces For Back PainSome illness or accidents leave their victims with different injuries on the spine. If this happens, your physician may use back braces for back pain to help you as you get well. These support structures also helps in reducing the level of pain felt by the victims. There are different types of braces, and your physician will be the one to direct you on the one to use.

These structures are made from different materials, depending on the intended use. If a stretchy substance is need, then plastic will be used. Then there are cases when the type of injury requires a strong and rigid support. In that case, a metallic or plastic material is called for. There are other materials that can be used depending on the situation at hand.

The rigid brace usually wraps well around the body, from the front to the posterior. To secure the brace strongly on the body, fabric straps are used. If properly placed, it can be very useful. In fact, it has been estimated that it restricts the movement of the spine to half of its usual ability if properly placed.

Some of these support structures are used in aiding treatment, while others are used just for offering stability. The elastic version belongs to the latter category. It is used to restrict movement of the spine, so that the patient can move with stability. This is a very useful tool when one is recovering from something like spinal surgery.

Injuries to the spine can also result in frontal fractures of the compression type. These are very dangerous injuries if left untreated, or if poorly handled. This means that the support needed is one which encourages the spine to extend. In this case, a hyper-extension brace will be used.

A corset is the brace can be used for lower or middle spinal pain, depending on the length of the brace. Just like the name suggests, its shape is similar to that of the clothing corset usually worn by women. A short one will be used for the lower spine while a long one will be used for the middle spine problems.

Different back braces for back pain exist. However, it is only a physician who should decide on the appropriate one for each injury. Because they are made from different materials and of different sizes, they also cost different prices. These are all things which will factor in your treatment costs.

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