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Diet During Pregnancy

diet-during-pregnancyDiet During Pregnancy – During pregnancy the special diet is recommended though you are taking the healthy diet already. But pregnancy does not mean that you will take heavy diet or to eat much. But it means to take diet which gives you as well as your baby the full nourishment. Now there is the need of diet which contains all the five essential elements in it. These are proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. These five essential nutrients should be taken in specific amounts according to daily requirement basis.

If your weight is accurate at the onset of the pregnancy then there is no need of extra calories during the first trimester, during second trimester the daily requirement of 300 calories extra needed and you will get these only from a glass of milk. At the third trimester only the 450 cal per day are needed, So eating special during pregnancy does not mean to eat much but to eat healthy. But if you are overweight or under weight you need bit more or less then this, In order to gain the desired weight of yours and your baby.


  • It is needed that certain elements from your food to be omitted as the pregnancy starts. As alcoholic and beverage drinks, all colas, caffeine and caffeine oriented contents all should be avoided, because these increase the risk o miscarriage to great extent. The large amount of coffin also cause low birth weight or stillbirth weight.


  • Add as much fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet as you can, it will keep you away from pregnancy sickness and also helps in keeping fetal metabolism balance and to make the delivery in convenient way.


  •  The intake of fats is also to be up to certain and required levels other wise it wile create obesity in you as well as in your child.


  • The fast foods have low calorie values; they are just the taste of taste buds. So try to avoid them as much as possible. It is suggested that the food of country side is ideal during the pregnancy period.

So eat healthy for the sake of health of two.

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