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Diet And Exercise | Diet Exercise Plan

diet-and-exercise-diet-exercise-planDiet And Exercise | Diet Exercise Plan – We eat what we want or what seems us to be delicious or what is tasteful to our taste buds without thinking that one day it will make us bulky and we have to shed it off.  Only few body structure which has no change in their bulk whatever they eat. Usually after the age of 30 in both men and women there is increase in weight without taking enough due to certain hormonal and metabolic changes in the body.

So we have to keep check in early life that to avoid the strict diet plans and severe exercises to loose weight.  Diet and exercise both are the   basic things to be done for healthy life.

The following strategies should be adopted for weight loss in diet and exercise:

  1. It should be reminded in each eating that the exercise is essential for weight loss and for maintain the long term loss weight. Latest researches show that minimum of 30 minutes exercise is essential per day. It may be continuous 30 minutes or may be interrupted session of three 10 minutes.
  2. Find out the areas which require the weight loss first as from belly, hips, thighs etc. The more muscular you are more calories you need to burn. It is noted that muscles burn many calories each day for their maintainer.
  3. Prepare your food diary as in it you must enter daily what you have eaten and what you consumed. It will surely focus the area which need some modifications and triggers the overeating and your personal food requirements.
  4. A book and national program developed by Laurel Mellin, RD, helps participants to identify their eating triggers and respond to them without food. Sometimes the overeating is triggered by stress, depression, loneliness, tension etc. so find the time when you overeat.
  5. Keep the target in your mind that you will stay healthy with balanced diet that have nutritional value not to target to become thinner.
  6. Make small changes in your eating habits as the fats are to be changed to vitamins and minerals. All these small changes brigs great changes in your weight in long terms.

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