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Development Of Child From 24 to 36 Months

As the child grows he becomes more and more independent in feeding, playing and other body needs. Before he relies upon others but now most of things he can perform by himself. However at this stage the following developmental changes are to be seen in him with regard to physical and mental aspects:

  1. It is the time when the child becomes more aware of the world. So he tries to do every thing by himself. So he wants independence and dislikes any interference. He wants to eat as he wishes; he wants to play according to his desires and wishes. In short in each and every thing he wants that his consent is to be fulfilled. But when he is forbidden to do this he get frustrated or become peevish. So it is the time that he must be handled skillfully.
  2. For example if he wants to be dress up according to his will he should be told that the following dress has these uncomforts in wearing. If he wants to play according to his will you should also try to play with him that he feels that you are his best companion and you will follow him and he will follow you.
  3. Now intellectual skills are also to be stimulated. At this age he is much fond of playing different games. But he gets to be satisfied with inexpensive items as crayons, making bubbles, simple puzzles all these make him happy. So if he is motivated to such activities which are helpful in his mental and intellectual skills. It will bring best results for future training.
  4. Now he also becomes more social as he loves to make friends by playing with them. Again this requires the supervision in the selection of right kind of play mates.   He should be thought that how to make affiliation with others and how bear the different attitudes of his friend.
  5. It is the time when you have to start the informal teaching of your child. He is interested in new things, so you may develop interest in books and in stories in playing such video games which have some oral lesson.
  6. He become acquainted with different natural phenomena as cold season, warm climate, blooming of flowers, animal picture to tell them to recognize different animals and birds. So it is the time when child also differentiate between colors and learn by different drawings.

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