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Development Of Baby | Infant Development

development-of-baby-infant-developmentDevelopment Of Baby | Infant Development – As the baby is born the next thing about which the parents are anxious that how to brought up the child in right manner. So they try their best to do best for child. But it is not easy; it needs many skills, constant attention and careful observation with great patience. Usually a whole life is needed to bring up the new life in proper way.

For the optimal healthy growth of child many factors are contributing as loving parenting, careful responsive skills, proper medical requirements, good nutrition, healthy sleeping habits, secured environment. With this entire all the related persons as parents, caregivers, doctors, family members, and health professionals all are participating in the healthy development of the child. And all factors and people together make a unit for the   healthy growth of the child.


It plays an important role in the infant development. It has been noticed that the babies who grow by breast feeding at least for first 12 months are stronger and have strong immune system as compared to others. Similarly AAP recommends placing babies on their backs during naps and at night to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).


It is important for the good development of the child that they have atmosphere which is safe from different environmental hazards. The child should be protected from drowning, from fire, different gasses which are poisonous to him, from insects and from electric devices in the home similarly each and every thing which is harmful for his   any kind of development.


It is observed that the child should be properly checked by his doctor on regular basis. Usually it is after every two months until 6 months and after every three months until 18 months. So the doctor will check and examine his growth rate and any other illness and abnormality to be recovered as soon as possible.


The diet and development are closely related to each other. As the diet directly affects the health of the child, If there is any disturbance in health it will surely effects the development of the child so the intake of proper diet withal the essential nutrients helpful  for normal development of the child.

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