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Designer’s Support Abbas Town Victims

The recent incident of Abbas Town bomb blast has made every one quite stunned in the Pakistan as almost 50 people have been died in this incident and now the Fashionistas has just stepped in to show their affection and sympathy toward the families of the victims of the Abbas Town bomb blast.

The fashion designers and other fashion stakeholder have started to stand with the people that they can show that how they feel love toward these people. On Saturday The House of Ensemble has offered discount up to 40% on different accessories to lend a hand to the victims of the Abbas Town.

In the same concern Fashionistas has just postponed the Fashion Pakistan Week (FPC) 5 which was organized to be held on 19th of March, 2013 but now it has been postponed to the unknown date.

Designer’s support Abbas Town victims

Shezray Husain from the The House of Ensemble said during an interview with The Express Tribune that “We are not just sitting in our drawing rooms and talking about it [Abbas Town incident], but are making all possible contributions towards a cause which is to rehabilitate the victims.”

In the answer of a question asked that why they are in the move this time after that particular action, he said. “When things hit close to home, you react. Karachi is our home and any inhabitant of this city, who has grown up here, has a deep love affair with it.”

Further she said , “No matter how far away you are from your hometown, Karachi still holds the key.” An exhibition organized by The House of Ensemble to raise fund in the exhibition the fashion house is offering 40% discount on the outfits exhibited on stalls outside the store and also 10% discount on other goods.

A working woman named Naveen Dar said, who joined the exhibition said that, “I came particularly to support this cause. It’s a good effort and we definitely need to help the people who suffered gravely in this tragedy.”

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