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Decorating Room For Your Kid

Few days back I visited one of my very old friends and she was very good when we were graduating and she was very creative and when I saw her home I was so pleased, it was not a very big house, but was a very beautiful  home, she has a very beautiful  garden which as separated with red tiles from the home and she did a tremendous join in her drying room and her bed room and her kitchen was brilliant, but the thing which made my jaw touch the ground was the room of her 11 years son, it was a very regular size room on the second floor and she added the attic in his room with stair from his own room, she said that I wanted to give some privacy and for that I wanted to give room in attic, but then he wanted to have a place for fun and games and she was not ready to let him all of his friends in attach to do whatever they want so, he has a bedroom and study room in attic and none of his friends is allow in there and they have a wider place to play in the room on second floor and she can keep an eye on them there and serve them too and I loved the idea and the look, it was a beautiful  rob stair  hanging in the room which he tucks in the corner when he has friends in his room, it was a beautiful  idea and room now we are sharing some tips with you to decorate the room of your kid.

Decorating Room For Your Kid

First of all you need to do the walls and for that you can use a shade or wallpaper of his or her own choice, let her/him pick the wall and then arrange the perfect lightings and if the kid is a student then you need to add some book shelves and some table chairs too and give him some light on his bedside and on his reading table too.

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If your kid has laptop and other study material too then let him have a side table with some extra space to put his stuff during the night, but if not then you can put simple side table with a lamp and a watch or alarm clock, don’t forget to add some family pictures in his room and let him feel homey and comfortable with wall hangings.

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Give him space, let him decide what kind of things he wants on his walls and what does he want on door and now two most important things, one is his closet and the laundry basket.

Best of luck.

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