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Dealing with love handles?

Dealing with love handlesWhat are these ugly fat mountains around your belly? Well that is unwanted fat that your body reserve around your hips, above the abdominal muscles and these fat deposits are the sign that soon you will get visceral fat around your organs and you are going to get some very horrible medical health issues.Dealing with love handles1

So in other words they are not bad for your looks, but they are bad for your healthy and your life too, so are your ready to risk your life or you are going to work hard and meld down these mountains.Dealing with love handles2

These are some tips for you to get rid of these fat mountains.The best exercise for your love handles is a intensive Cardio routine, this is the best thing that you can do to tone up your muscles and your body, but you need to spend best 40 minutes on that, you need to be focus and you need to be really hard, you will not feel any difference in beginning but later you will see some drastic change.
Next thing you need to do is build some muscles and it is up to you which muscles do you want to build, if you want to have arms muscles then it is fine or any other part, it is entirely up to you, but if you ask me then I will say that try to build some belly muscles and if you are a woman you will see that they will not only burn off all the fat, but it will make your tummy look so sexy and so flat  and at the same time it will burn your muffin tops too, lean muscles are the best thing you can do to keep your weight under control, muscle need energy to maintenance and keep things repaired and they use calories for that and keep your weight maintained even after your workout too.
You have to quit all those foods that are high in calories and low on essential nutrients including all kind of dietary products, you need to add some healthy options in your food rather than eating rubbish and then work hard in gym to burn that.

Drinking ample of water is best for you, it is the best drink possible and keeps you hydrated and removes toxins from human body and leave you healthy and fresh.

Now I will tell you few things that will help you in long run, try to wear fitted boxers and try to pull them over to your waist and if you tight your muffin tops off you will see the difference.

Wear fitted skinny jeans and pull it up to your waist and it will help you lose these muffin tops too and it will help you with your tummy fat too.

Reduce your sodium intake and try to avoid all kind of fried salty things that can be a reason of your love handles .

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