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Dark Eye Circles Around Eyes

Dark Circles TreatmentsEyes are the window to soul.Bright sparkling eyes are attracted by every one. But eyes are delicate too.

The skin under eyes is also delicate as compared to other body, the veins get stress by long depression, lack of proper rest and overwork may also cause this.

So this may appear in form of wrinkles and dark circles, if they appear it is difficult to remove proper and regular care is needed for their removal.

Dark Eye Circles Around Eyes

The removal of dark circles start from the finding of cause. if cause is determined it will be minimize or be vanished. Here are some tips to remove it.

  1. If it is due to inadequate sleep first to change your lifestyle to have a proper sleep.
  2. If due to some allergy or illness try to recover it.
  3. Balanced nutrition is needed to recover such.

All this can be reduced by simple home remedies taken fro kitchen garden.

  • Take a slice of cucumber and put it on eyes whenever u lying just for 10-15 minutes. It will refresh the tiredness of eyes and also gives the soothing effect to the eyes.
  • Thin slices of potatoes in raw form when put on eyes also remove the dark circles from the eye.
  • The tea bags after use not to be discarded but cool them and place them on eyes for sometime.
  • Take a spoon of steel and keep it in freezer for 10-15 minutes and put it on circles until it get warm.
  • Eat foods which have good supply of vitamin K, because vitamin k is best for under skin of eyes. These vitamins are often found in spinach, beside this cabbage, salad leaves are also plays important role.
  • Make some night cream for eyes and apply it before going to sleep regularly, it should have vitamin E, because this vitamin recover the skin SLEEPING HABITS:

Focus on sleeping habits,take a sleep of 7-9 hours, remove eye makeup and  do massage with night cream so that the blood circulation will become correct and puffiness, discoloration should be avoided..


Try to keep yourself away from anxiety, if continuous depression is taken it will also cause the dark eye circles so keep yourself away from it.

How to Remove Dark Eye Circles


If there is an itching or irritation in the eyes then it should not be rubbed vigorously because the skin is delicate and will be wrinkled or get  to be discolored.

How to Remove Dark Eye Circles Fast

Stay relaxed and control the Dark Eye Circles under your eyes by proper care.

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