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Dark Blue Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

I personally think that if you want to get a safe and quick look then nothing is better than a smoky eyes and if you have been practicing it then you can get the look within 10-15 minutes and if you know eye makeup then you would know that it takes hour or so to get the perfect eye look and if you are getting the smoky eyes in 20 minutes then it is something great.

First of all you need to understand one thing about smoky eyes and that is when you use smoky eyen then you need to pay all the attention to blending, you can use any shades of that color you want and you can add as many color you want, but you just need to pay attention on blending and you need to blend it well and then you need to understand when and where to add black shade or liner.

Let’s start with eye makeup and we will start with applying the moisturizer and primer as I seriously thing that if you want to have beautiful and smooth and long lasting make up then you just need to start correctly and you need to add moisturizer and then primer and this will keep your make up on the place for longer time of period.

Dark Blue Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

Now you need to get all of your eyeshades and see which shade are you going to use and I am using dark blue eye shadow in outer half of the lid and bright blue eye shadow in inner half of the lid and then I am going to blend it well and as much as needed and this will create the illusion of bigger and brighter eyes , now take some shimmer in your brush, you can sue transparent white or silver or you can use blue shimmer too and then apply all over your eye lid and you need to use your finger to blend it well.

Smoky Eye Makeup Tutorials & Ideas

Now you need to take shimmery green eye or pencil and apply it over your lower lid and smudged it a bit, and you can add some silver or white lines too and now you need to take jet black eye pencil and you need to make a V over your eye lid and blend it inward and this will defined the whole look of your eyes and if you are getting a glamorous look then you can use shimmery one too can add some highlighter over the eyebrow bone too and blend it well and finish the look with liner and mascara.

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