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Cute Pink Eye Makeup Tutorial

We are going to use very bold look today which  will not only make your eyes look so cute and fascinating that you would actually love to carry the look somewhere fancy, but we are actually creating the look for those collage going girls who planning to get some trendy and some stylish but easy to apply look.

This is a very simple and very interesting look and for that we just need few things, but the main important and the interesting thing about the look is, you can use the theme and the techniques to use any other color too, and I would say one should keep experimenting to get the perfect look and you will actually enjoy the game of colors and looks.

We need navy blue eye-shadow and you can use any brand and any kind of color, it is up to you, Pencil brush, Blue liquid liner or you can use penciled one too if you think you cannot handles liquid one, concealer and foundation, you need thin Eye shadow brush, thick mascara, Navy Blue eye pencil, Matte pink eye-shadow and loss powder.

Cute Pink Eye Makeup Tutorial

As you know that we start with moisturizer, primer and then we use some concealer and foundation and get ready for eye look, now since we are going to use light shades then you need to pay attention to your concealer and then blend it well  and then apply some loose powder  to keep it on the place, now you need to take matte pink shadow and apply it on the 2/3rd of your eye lid inner side from the inner corner, I am going to keep it matte because I want to create an innocent look, now we will take dark blue  and apply at the outer 1/3rd and the crease, but don’t apply too much or too dark, we are not creating some dramatic eye look , keep it soft and a bit light.

Cute Purple Pink Eye makeup Tutorial

Now you need to take baby pink with golden hint or you can make this with shimmer and pink shade and bled it on the back of your hand and then apply on the arch of your brow bone,  and puff some simple loose powder over it to keep it light and dim, we don’t want to get glamorous look, take the blue liquid liner and draw a line closest to your lash line and keep it thin and keep it neat and clean and then take navy blue pencil and fill the waterline, but you need to make sure that it is a simple one, without shimmer or glitter cause otherwise it will irritated your sensitive eyes.

Now you need to take pink shade with pencil brush and place the color on the lower lash line and blend it with a bit wider brush, now you just need to curler your eyelashes with curler and then apply few coats of mascara and you are ready to go.

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