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Cucumber; Natural Beauty Remedies

Allah has created nothing useless we just have to discover. All fruits and vegetables have their own value and importance. the quality of each can not be matched with others. Cucumber is a vegetable not only have an ornamental beauty when decorated in salads but also have many important contents in it.

Cucumber belongs to the family of pumpkins. Its color is from dark green to light. Sometimes greenish white when peeled off. It has large amount of silica in it, it also contain ascorbic aid and caffeine acid. These acids prevent the water retention in body. Due to this reason it is applied for burns, dermatitis and in swollen eyes.

Cucumber nutritional benefits are  that it contain water in excess and best diuretic and contain many vitamins, natural salts  and enzymes necessary for cell growth and repair. And is a natural source of anti oxidant. For maintaining many metabolic process as well.


For eyes:

Cucumber is the best remedy for puffiness of eyes. Thin slices of cucumber when put on the eyes for 10 -15 minutes it will give soothing effect to the eyes. It will also remove the dark circles from the eye and the stress of eyes vanishes.

For face:

1.      Cucumber is a skin healer for many skin problems because of its many properties. From it many facial beauty products can be made in home, many cleansing masks, many   herbal creams contain it as an essential product.

2.      It helps to reduce the side effects of sun kissed skin and form freckles on face. The grated cucumber is applied simply without mixing anything in to it .when rubbed on skin it will reduce the freckles from skin.

3.      Cucumber lightens the color of skin and its blemish ness and by rejuvenating the skin .It improves the complexion of skin to great extent.

4.       It treats sun burns of skin due to is cooling effect and high level of water content in to it.

5.      It also plays great role in tightening the pores of skin and act as a good toner when mixed with rose water. Lemon juice. Honey, egg white, aloe Vera etc

So cucumber does a great job in our skin health due to its soothing and cool effects.


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