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Crash Diets & Weight Loss

We are going to talk about crash diet today and the main and the most strange fact about that diet plan is, we all know that starving is bad, but intentionally or unintentionally, whenever anyone thing of losing his weight, he start that diet, he start skimping meals or stop eating at all, today we are going to talk about that and we are going to see if this is the right way of losing eight or not.

The key point of crash diet is decrease in calories on drastic levels, like if you are a female and you suppose toe at 22000 calories during a day, they this diet recommend you to eat 800-1200 calories for a day or 1600-1800 for men depending on body size, people do feel that they are losing weight and they are reducing the size too, but it is not weight actually that they are losing and start feeling slim and smart, it is healthy muscle, they are losing muscles and they are losing health, one third of our body weight is water and when we start crash diet we loss water too and get dehydrated, but we do lose inches and start looking slim and smart, but the question is, is this a healthy way of losing weight.

Crash Diets & Weight Loss

If you are not new here then I just want to ask you one simple question, how your body response if you skip meal and when you start eating one time a day and when you eat that less calories? When we skip meals and then eat once a day, our body start storing that one time meal as it is, and stop working and start getting fatter and bigger,

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we feel weak because our body stop making energy and stop all the procedure and we start feeling low and down which means getting fatter and unhealthy, you need to understand that  this is the most horrible way of losing weight and in fact we don’t lose fat, we lose muscle, in turn lowers metabolic rate so that the body needs fewer calories to keep ticking over and weight loss slows down, and the key line about crash diet is the more calories you cut, the more the body tries to hold on to its fat stores.

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If you lose weight with crash diet you cannot keep it off for longer times of period, you have to understand that you cannot live a life with 800 calories a day, which means you are going to start eating your old foods sooner or later which means you will get all that fat back and worse.

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At the end, I just want to say if crash diet is bad and the worst way of losing weight then what is the best diet plan? 6 meals a day is the best 🙂

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