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Cosplay Subculture-How to Find Right Cosplay Costumes?

Cosplay CostumesCosplay, short for costume role-play, is now becoming a social phenomenon and a trend for fantastic entertainment. It is a youth subculture originating in Japan. The moniker is believed to have been first though up in 1984 by a Japanese journalist named Nobyuki Takahashi, who first coined the term in the article “My Anime”, after attending the World Science Fiction Convention and seeing a bunch of Trekkies strutting their stuff. Since he adopted the portmanteau term cosplay, till today, this trend for fun to portray the fictional characters has got its name.

Cosplay trend is actually the attendants enjoy dressing up as their favorite characters from anime, comic boots, video games, movies and the like. While in Japan or any other Asian country, the roles portrayed are mostly from Japanese anime series, people in the west are dressing up to remake the image of characters from popular no-Asian fantasy and science fiction movies and games, for instance, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Doctor Who, World of Warcraft, etc.

Not only the certain iconic characters from fictional arts, the subject of cosplay can be also a fashion concept and now the Lolita trend is the best example. Lolita enthusiasts have developed the imitated characters by themselves. This is often a crossover into the Japanese Lolita style of dress, where girls wear a distinctive, cute style. This allows girls who like the look but do not want to fully adopt the Lolita style as street dress to enjoy the less serious “Cosplay Lolita” style and at cosplay shows. However, with the globalization, the western cultural elements have also a reflection on the Lolita trend-Gothic Lolita style is a large branch for Lolita cosplay fun. When themed with dark shades to ideally exude mystery and sexy allure, Gothic Lolita attires are world widely well-received.

Generally speaking, cosplay is something that takes place at parties, concerts, conventions and venues where like minded people meet to show off their costumes, socialize, and photograph other enthusiasts. Usually, the costumes are made by the cosplayers themselves. But now, if you are not good at seaming and tailoring, or you do not want to make the attires, there is a wide selection available online. When it comes to shopping online for cosplay costumes, keep in mind to find a reliable cosplay store for best deals. Always go to those shops with detailed descriptions and clear pictures. There are some stores offering free shipping and even return free shipping if necessary.

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