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Copper Eye Makeup Tutorial

I am going to give you a very glamorous and bold eye makeup in same in easy steps and I am hoping that you would not only like it, but it is as easy that anyone can try it too,This is a very classy look as you look so festively and so bright with shiny and shimmery copper, but the beauty of this look is, you can add a bit black in it and then you just need to blend some black in the shades too and it will become a subtle look instantly
You need a shimmery eye shades, eye brow powder kit, compact powder, Kajal, mascara, eyeliner,  black eye shadow and eyelash curler.

We will apply moisturizer and primer and then after 3 minutes we will apply the foundation and concealer and then we will groom our eyebrows well and never ever forget to fill your eye brows with eye brow powder to get a filler and thicker look and for this particular look we are keeping the eye brows thick and full with black color eye brow powder set.

Copper Eye Makeup Tutorial

Now we will take a bit silver or whitish gold eye-shadow and apply below your brow bone, if you don’t have this then you just need to take a eye shade which is lighter than your own skin tone at least two shades lighter than your skin tone, and if you have pale fair complexion then use yellow gold as it look so cute on fair complexion with the copper eye make up.

Now take black eye-shadow and apply all over the lid thinner in inner side and wider on other side and you don’t need to add too much shad and you don’t need to apply too many coats and it should go a little above the crease on the outer end like Cleopatra style, now you need to take copper pigment on the straight brush and apply it on the inner 2/3rd of the eyelid, but don’t apply that all over the lid, just leave outer edge completely untouched and then take bronzy beige color and then draw a very harsh lines on the crease and it will make your eyes brighter and deeper.

Alice Cooper Eye Makeup

Now you need to take liquid eyeliner to draw a very thin winged line on the upper lash line, you just need to enhance the look of your eyes, but we don’t want it to be too visible cause we want copper to look is properly visible and neat.

Now apply kajal on the waterline and tightline your eyes with it too and apply few coats of mascara and you are ready to go.

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