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Can Constipation Cause Back Pain

Can Constipation Cause Back PainConstipation refers to the disorders that result due to a variety of factors. It is a serious condition since it renders a person unable to have bowel movements for quite a long time. This can prove disturbing especially if medical attention is not sorted on time. The question on can constipation cause back pain has revolved around the minds of people for a very long time now.

Many do not recognize the intensity of the matter until they begin to get frustrated later on. It can result to a number of side effects such as change of moods. Patients become easily irritable and aggravated by their condition. One can also gain weight from the condition as well as hemorrhoids which is caused by not being able to pass bowel.

Can Constipation Cause Lower Back Pain

Other side effect includes body odors that emanates from the skin as a result of buildup of fecal waste materials and toxins in the body. A few people complain of headaches from time to time. It also can lead to serious complication. Long storage periods of fecal matter increase the bacterial load in intestinal tract.

This can be serious since the bacterial could lead to growth of dangerous infections. A good way of keeping off from such complications is by taking the rightful amounts of water daily. Taking water reduces accumulation of toxins in the body by helping to flush them out. Where necessary, laxatives can be used to aid in elimination of wastes.

One major complication of the above mentioned case is back pains. They occur as a result of considerable anatomical alterations in the body. They are classified as acute and chronic. Chronic agony is a reoccurring agony in the abdomen that may affect body organs such as ligaments and tendons.

Stomach bloating may also occur in advanced stages of constipation. Whenever back pains occur, one loses concentration. The lack of focus affects performance at work, driving and even family attention in other situations. Back agony begins when the fecal impaction commence and exert pressure on the lower part of the abdomen. This pressure causing pain and results to agony and discomfort.

Can Constipation Cause Back Pain on One Side

The longer time the fecal impaction block evacuation of waste materials, the more the intensity of agony and discomfort. In some cases, this kind of pain can only be eased by relieving the bowels. However, for mild impaction it is hard to use the recommended treatment using laxatives as it feces tend to cling to the intestinal walls. Enemas can also be used to treat constipation although their effectiveness is only limited to clearing the lower parts of the colon.

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