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Communicate With Your Child

Communicate With Your Child JuneWe are now a days facing the problem of generation gap. This is due to the lack of proper communication between you and your child. The result is seen that we are going away from our own children. If you have the child of 5 -12 years old with you then use certain tips while making an effective relationship with them.

  1. Consider yourself not an elder person but to the friend of your child with same age.
  2. Use the slang words while communicating with them.
  3. Accumulate those things around you which your child likes as balls, dolls and eatable things.
  4. Make it sure that you are available all the time when your child needs. This availability gives your child confidence to talk with you and discuss what he or she wants to say with you.
  5. Distract all your work when your child come to you and give him or her importance. Do this not only posing this but by actual conversation and action. Leave your issues and give preference to him or her.
  6. it is not necessary that always your child comes to you but you go to your child and show him or her that you are for him or her all the time.
  7. Ask different questions frequently from them as how the day was, how the test and school going on as k the names of friends and their hobbies. Ask from them what the teacher remarks at his or her work etc.
  8. Always keep balance in praise and positive criticism. If they do something good is generous to praise them and if possible give them some praising things as stars or flowers. But at the same time if they did something bad try to create the situation by which they realize that things are wrong. It will enhance their personality to groom in balanced way and they learn verbally how to get the favors of others and how to deal with annoying things.
  9. Update your knowledge regarding the child behavior with his or her friends and also when he or she is alone.
  10. Get information’s about your child from all the relevant persons.
  11. Also increase your knowledge what the child like and dislike as some children increase their communicating skills by listening stories. So take them not only in fantasies but in real world.
    Not to interrupt them while they are speaking Listen them keenly and appreciate them by encouraging remarks.

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