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CNN Camerawoman Assaulted At GOP Convention: ‘This Is How We Feed Animals’

The recent Incident which happened on the set of CNN network on Tuesday where two attendees targeted a camerawoman in negative manners has stunned everybody that there is still some kind of hatred in the heart of America for the people from the rest of the world.

It is reported on Tuesday night during a Republican national convention when the show was going on air two of the attendees sitting close to a camerawoman threw the nuts toward her and said, “this is how we feed the animals.” This has shown that how the Americans feel about the people from the other countries like Africa.

This racial attack has made the people to hate the Americans. Well the two attendees removed by the police in next few moments when many of the people sitting around them witnessed the incident.

CNN has confirmed that the incident happened via a statement released on Tuesday, but did not have further comment at the time. Wolf Blitzer has described the incident as “very ugly exchange” of words. He said that that was really a shocking incident that has the people wonder in all over the world.

Wolf Blitzer said that “It’s just an ugly reminder that there is an element of hatred that still exists in our country,” it means that the American do not even think the third world country’s people even a human being that they have called her as an animal.

While talking about that Donna Brazile the CNN political analyst said that “i hope that these two attendees have their convention credentials revoked.”

These two attendees may be sent to court for using racial comment for the camerawoman on a live telecasting show of CNN because it has been witnessed by many of the people. Racist Attack On CNN Camerawoman At Republican National Convention Was ‘Truly Shocking’.

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