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Clean Glass Stove

Clean Glass StoveClean Glass Stove Cleansing of stove is the daily task of household women. The olden ladies say that if you want to know the woman’s habits of cleanliness you have to check her bath room and her kitchen. It is true in all ages from hygienic point of view and from personal care. If you practice it in your routine works it is not a difficult task .Just a few steps are required to keep the stove shiny and without any stain.


  • Soft sponges.
  • Glass cleanser.
  • Glass detergent.
  • Non abrasive pad.


  1. Verify that the surface is not hot and if then allow it to cool down at the room temperature.
  2. Wipe the food debris or the stubborn spills and dried fallen food by scrapper, made especially for the glass top of stove.
  3. Moisturize the soft sponges with water. The warm water is used to remove the grease from the surface.
  4. Add the glass detergent to the surface to remove the dried sticky particles.
  5. Allow this detergent to work and wait for few minutes, after this remove by rubbing with soft cloth.
  6. Now wash with normal temperature water.
  7. Apply the magic eraser or glass cleanser if there are some badly stick stains remained at the surface.
  8. Check the progress in your process of cleansing by removing the detergent with clean water after few minutes.
  9. The non abrasive pad is used if the stains are difficult to remove with soft sponge or cloth.
  10. when the surface is clean or if show no more improvement after using detergent or glass cleanser then wash with clean water and glass wipes are used .
  11. Now to maker the surface shiny apply more glass wipes or glass cleaners.


  • Any abrasive material is not used for cleansing the glass top.
  • The stains are rubbed with soft sponges to avoid any scratches at the glass.
  • Not to put the plastic or polythene materials at the hot top, it will stick with the top and the whole texture of the glass top is ruined.

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