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Top 5 Christmas tree Decorating Ideas

christmas tree decorating ideas,christmas tree decorating ideas for kids,christmas tree decorating games,christmas tree decorating ideas pinterestAre you hunting some unique ideas to decorate the Christmas tree this season? Well, read through the page to get best decorating tips and DIY ornament ideas. Christmas tree Decorating Ideas Below you can find most Christmas tree Decorating Ideas for your Christmas day.
1. Shiny Glass decoration for Christmas day
Using the glass ball ornaments is a super-cute idea to decorate a Christmas tree. The markets are flooded with the glass ornaments which can help in this regard. You can find a vast collection of shiny baubles from nearby store. Opt for gold, silver, red and white solid ornaments if you want a traditional theme. For a more modern look, search for the stuffs with graphic designs.
2. DIY Ornaments for Christmas
If you want to explore your own creative abilities, then handcraft your own pretty yet simple ornaments using hand-dyed ribbons, sheet music and old paperback books etc.
3. Flowers Design on Christmas day
When it comes to beautify the Christmas tree, nothing can do better than flowers. The addition of an array of fresh or artificial silk flowers can make your Christmas tree look tremendously beautiful. Scatter the flowers (such as garden roses, magnolias and hydrangeas) with the branches and attach them on the uppermost part of tree with the help of fine-quality ribbon. Use few more ornaments to upgrade the glory of your Christmas tree.
4. Natural Themes for Christmas
If you like the nature-inspired themes, then use selection of cones, leaves and birds (throughout the branches) to decorate your Christmas tree.
5. Colorful Joy on Christmas days
Christmas is the perfect time make a joy with color. Opt for decorative material in reds, greens and bold blues and team them up with metallic, like gold and silver.

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