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3 Different Smokey Eye Techniques for Christmas Celebrations

Different Smokey Eye Techniques for ChristmasThe Christmas celebrations and holiday festivities are the time when most girls consider to accentuate their eyes with mesmerizing smokey eye makeup. There are different ways to wear smokey eye makeup. Here I have described three of them. Each method will give you a unique appearance. Check and find the best for you.

1.Soft Smokey Eye Makeup

The soft smokey eye makeup is an apt choice for those who want to create sophisticated smokey eye makeup look. Since this eye makeup style gives you a moderate appearance, most women decide on it. To wear soft smokey eye makeup, you just need three main products.

Christmas Soft Smokey Eye Makeup 4 Christmas

  • Three shades of you selected eye-shadow color (light, medium or dark)
  • An eye liner
  • A fine-quality mascara

Use the lightest shade as highlighter, applying it inside the corner of eyelid as well as under your eyebrows, then apply the medium shade whole eyelid. Blend both shades thoroughly. Next apply the darkest shade on the crease of eyelid and blend again. Sweep on the eyeliner over top lash line and smudge it with brush. Apply a good quantity of mascara.

2. Classic Smokey Eye

The classic smokey eye makeup never goes out of fashion and suitable for all eye colors. From Christmas parties to routine gatherings, it is a perfect choice for all events. Many celebrities use this eye-makeup style to draw the attention of people. Creating classic smokey eye isn’t a tough task. For this, you need following supplies:

Christmas Classic Smokey Eye 4 Christmas

  • Two different hues of eye-shadows (I usually prefer browns & blacks)
  • A black liner
  • Mascara

To create classic smokey eye, apply your selected hues smudged with good amount of black eyeliner. Put on mascara in the last step.

3. Dramatic Smokey Eye Makeup

Christmas Dramatic Smokey Eye Makeup 4 Christmas

If you want to create a dramatic look, use colorful eye-shadow (like cranberry, purple, grey, green, blue) instead of black and brown, false lashes, black liner and plenty of mascara.
Bonus Tip: Team up the smokey eye makeup with peachy pink cheeks and nude lips to get stunning look for a Christmas party.

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