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Chocolate Smokey Eye Tutorial

We all know that the dramatic Smokey eye are the most trendy and the most classy look and it does not  take too much time either, and you can carry that look anywhere including parties, weddings job place and even on your dates and today I am going to give you another very beautiful  and classy smoky eye look, it is very good for almost all kind of skin tone, but it look best of fair and wheat complexion too, but you can get the look with a bit changing in the shade too.

As you know I always start the look with moisturizer and primmer, wash your face and apply moisturizer and then some serum or primer and then apply some foundation and concealer and blend well and now you are ready for eye shadow we will start with pencil liner and make a very sharp line at the outer third portion of your entire lid and that is the best dark base for the Smokey eye look, you can use any shade of dark chocolate and then use eye applicator and blend the liner on the outer third of the eye lid and you can use the finger for that too, it is up to you which make you feel comfortable.

Chocolate Smokey Eye Tutorial

Now you need to take an angled brush and take any light shad to highlight the brow bone and then use the same shade for inner corners too and that will make your eyes look prominent and bright, and now take a fluffy brush and take soft brown color and make the V shape on the outer crease of your eyelid and rub it well, now you need to take some Vaseline and apply that on your eyelid which will help the loose glitter to stick on the eyelid  and then take some glitter and apply that on your lid.

Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

Now take some simple bright chocolate shade and then apply that all over your upper crease and then rub it with your finger and take sharp brown shade and apply that over the crease to enhance the depth of your eye lid and take light shade and apply that on the lower lash line too and rub it well with angle line, now you need to take dark chocolate liner pencil and apply that over your upper and lower lash line and rub it with finger and then apply mascara and you are ready to go.

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