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Chinyere Lawn 2015 Collection Spring/Summer

Chinyere Lawn 2015 Collection Spring SummerThe famous fashion brand Chinyere introduces such collection again which will make you stylish, fashionable and comfortable. Adorned with stunning colors and modish patterns, there are beautiful, exclusive and unique lawn, cotton and chiffon shirts in this Chinyere Lawn 2015.

Chinyere Lawn 2015 Collection Spring Summer

Outfits depend on seasonal trends, but (thankfully) there are ways to create your own distinct style. The goal is to build a closet of pieces that you love, instead of a packed closet of pieces that are not ‘quite you.’

Chinyere has launched their range of beautiful un-stitched prints. So if you’re looking for ideas on how to stylize your favorite print, read on for tips that will help you create a beautiful ensemble.

Enjoy limitless creativity by stitching your suit exactly as you want. The in-trend cut is the boxed kurta with cigarette pants!

Chinyere Lawn 2015 Collection Spring Summer

When styling your outfit, give preference to what suits you rather than trends. These prints are intricate and elegant, thus can fit any age – all you have to do is be comfortable and chose the right one.

Whatever your budget, it’s easy to add embellishments. Keep it simple and pick either studs, buttons, jewels or laces. The easiest way to make a print stand out is to accentuate the base color with buttons or a simple lace at the bottom.

Chinyere Lawn 2015 Collection Spring Summer

Aim to make the print the hero of your outfit and the embellishments as the colorful supporting cast. Chinyere Lawn 2015 Collection Spring/Summer contains long shirts, shirt style dress with a long and pants combo tight pajamas. Beautiful bright colors added to this collection to enhance the beauty.

You can wear these dresses for all types of functions and festivals. These are based on party and other ceremonies, will enhance the your look. You will be headline in the minds of people around you.

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