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Child Development Stage 18 To 24 Months

As the child grows the developmental process seems to be more and more prominent  And we see the miraculous changes occurring in the whole personality of the child however the following changes are to be noticed in this period.

Now the child becomes more and more experienced in his verbal expressions. His vocabulary increased to 30 to 50 words and he can make the small sentences of two to three letters. He can understand the commands more then previous.

  1. Now he is getting to be the master of his motor skills. By using his hands he can join blocks up to two to three blocks height. He can open the door; he can carry the things of few grams of  weight easily.  He starts to walk with little steps in whole home. Now he can also climb up to the stairs and also climb down by holding each step of the stair. Now it is the time of great supervision of the child in order to avoid any mishap.
  2. Now he can express his emotions as anger, happiness and also show the responses of different events and people. They want attention if you neglect him he will cry to show his anger and also at this stage his likes and dislike with respect to people and food items as well as different object are becoming clear to mom and other family members.
  3. Now it is the time when the casual training should be started as training about his toilet and other body needs to be expressed in a positive way.
  4. It is the time when the teething is also going to start and the child start to take the solid food by him. There is the need of continuous need of check and observation because at now he does not know what is better for him and what is harmful for him, now it is the time of making his eating habits and quantity of milk is reduced as 16 oz per day and other nutritious foods are to be started.
  5. Now try to make your child to be accustomed to the brushing. As described above that the   casual teaching should be started so he should be trained how to brush the teeth but now the tooth paste is not recommended because there is the fear of swallowing it. So the doctor will tell and suggest the right type of teething care.
  6. It is the time when the child want the independence in his doings but the child should be trained in the best way to know the meaning of “no” and he become aware of the good and bad results of his doings.
  7. He feels amusemaent in playing with different toys, now the toys selected for him are to be of some positive outcome.
  8. The sleep of the child is also reduced, now he takes a single or two naps in the day time but take good sleep at night. The average requirement of sleep at this age is 12 to 13 hours in 24 hours.

So at the end to say that he child is a whole world within him.

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