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Wedding is a beautiful relationship wherein two individuals become legal life partners following some particular rituals defined by their respective religion. The couple later on makes family together so as to transform their ‘house’ into a ‘sweet home.’


While the wedding rituals are on the most part defined by a religion, but at times some cultures and traditions also become a crucial part of certain weddings. For example, Nikah and Walima are two religious rituals of Muslim weddings but for centuries now, Mehndi has also become a basic ritual.

To-be-spouses, especially brides, are the VIP personality on their big day. Folks seem crazy about taking a glimpse of the bride therefore she wants everything from outfit to jewelry as well as the makeup to be just perfect. Brides look for best tips and tricks to look beautiful on that happiest day of their life.

Awomensclub is an online wedding adviser for all the brides out there. Not only premium makeup and beauty tricks, you can find here best wedding dress, save-marriage tips, thrilling wedding shower ideas and gorgeous wedding hairstyles too.

So gals, browse the ‘wedding’ section of our site and learn all about a perfect, successful marriage. Have a happy married life…

Bridal Dresses Designs

Latest Bridal Dresses 2013 Fashion in Pakistan. The following fall under the message wallpapers and pictures category for Best Pakistani bride for the coming year of 2013. We shared some of the best estimates for the wedding dress they liked the dress.

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