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NEWS is the abbreviated form of North East West and South since they keep you updated about everything happening in the Northern, Eastern, Western or Southern part of the globe.

News could be of several kinds and so are their sources. World news, political news, sports news, entertainment news and fashion news are some of the popular sorts of news with print media, electronic media and web as their popular sources.


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Jiah Khan Found Dead In Her Apartment

The news of the death of the Jiah Khan has made the people to wonder that why the young lady has just attempt suicide and the police has not found any reason of her suicide as they did not find any of the suicide letter near the body.

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Leena Maria Paul Arrested After ‘Duping Chennai Bank! Buying NINE Luxury Cars & Rs 19 Crore

The story is explained by resource that, Leena has his friend Balaji alias Sukkesh Chandrasekar has applied for a loan of Rs. 19 crore in the Canara Bank in Chennai for the a heavy project. After getting the payment of the loan money they both has got underground from the Chennai afterward it was revealed that the actress is involve in another Rs 76-lakh cheating case. The Chennai police was in the seek of the coupole from that time but as they have been flown from there so there was no sign of them.

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‘Epic’ Follows Tradition of Children’s Fictions

In that movie the father of M.K. (Mary Katherine) is a scientist who is busy in searching the world of small men which is called leafmen. Daughter want her father to stop that searching as there is none kind of anything in this world but then accidentally M.K. went into the world of these small men who are

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