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Mehndi Designs

Mehndi is one of the oldest vogues followed by the South Asian and Middle Eastern women. No matter which the celebration or event is women’s preparation is just incomplete without the beautification of hands and feet with adorable mehndi designs.

mehndi designs

In the old times, women used to apply plain mehndi allover their hands. But the style changed over the time and creative-minded girls began creating beautiful patterns with mehndi paste. This revolutionary trend then traveled across the globe and scored remarkable following. Today there are countless unique and gorgeous mehndi designs belonging to different regions of the world. The most famous of them are Pakistani, Indian and Arabic menhndi designs.

Modern mehndi designs feature floral, geometrical and abstract patterns. Some of these patterns are simple and easy-to-create while the others are intricate and replicating them is nothing but a challenge. The most difficult mehndi designs usually belong to Pakistan. Moreover, many different mehndi colors have also been developed in order to match them up with different outfits and ornaments.

As soon as a new Eid or wedding season begins, new mehndi designs are developed that are more or less different from the previous ones. One can find hottest Pakistani, Indian and Arabic mehndi designs online at at Awomensclub.

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